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    • What is MOPA?

      MOPA is a Mozambican platform for participatory monitoring of the delivery of public urban services.

    • How to use MOPA?

      Any citizen can report public service issues through their mobile phone by dialing * 311 #, using mobile application, or from

    • How does MOPA work?

      The problems reported in MOPA are transmitted to municipal authorities and service providers, who use this information for their work. When the problem is solved, the citizen receives a confirmation SMS. All problems can be consulted openly at


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    how it works

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    Whenever you see a trash or sanitation problem in your neighborhood you can solve it in an instant using MOPA.

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    To report a trash or sanitation problem, dial *311# for free from any mobile operator. Choose your district, neighborhood and type of problem.

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    The Municipal Council receives an alert informing them about the problem you just reported and informs the trash collection micro-company responsible for your neighborhood.

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    The trash collection micro-company responsible for your neighborhood received an alert and goes to the site to solves the problem.

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    In no time, the agents responsible go to the location and solve the reported problem.

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    As soon as the work is completed you will receive an SMS informing you that the problem has been resolved.


    Full container

    Container is full


    Container on fire

    Container on fire


    Trash bags

    Trash Collectors didn't Pass by


    Trash outside the container

    Trash outside the container


    Heap of Trash

    Heap of Trash


    Trash in drainage ditch

    Trash in drainage ditch



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